Freefall Data Systems LLC does its best to provide good customer services to customers residing outside the USA, however, issues with customs and the fact that FDS has no foreign affiliates makes it difficult to provide prompt customer service. For this reason, no guarantees for prompt service can be made to those residing outside the US. Should your altimeter fail due to manufacturing defects, Freefall Data Systems LLC will repair or replace it or its defective parts free of charge for two years from the date of purchase. Altimeters obtained through giveaways and raffles are not covered by this Limited Warranty. This Limited Warranty only applies to the original purchaser with proof of purchase and only covers failures due to defects in materials and workmanship that may occur during normal skydiving operations while in the warranty period of two years. It does not cover damage or failures resulting from an accident, hard impact, water damage, neglect, misuse, mishandling, or modifications of the product, or any failure caused by operation of the product outside the scope of its specifications, or any other cause not covered by this warranty in any case. This warranty applies to our altimeter's control units. It does not cover FlexiLights, cables, nor StickyLights, which are designed to be adhered to other manufacturer's products and are disposable by their nature. Our altimeters are manufactured for skydiving only. By using our products, you accept full responsibility for their use and agree that you are solely responsible for each skydive you make as well as your safety and that Freefall Data Systems LLC will not be legally held responsible for any malfunction whatsoever that this product may have, whether or not the product is good or defective. In order to activate this warranty, you must first register your product under Product Registration. Visit the Repairs page for more information.

(Updated September 15, 2023)