Skydiving is an inherently risky sport that can lead to injury or death. When functioning and used properly, altimeters can greatly enhance a skydiver’s altitude awareness. However, all skydiving equipment is subject to failure and malfunction, even when properly assembled and used. For this reason, altimeters should only be used as a secondary indication of altitude—secondary to a visual ascertainment. It is possible that any altimeter could read higher than you actually are above ground level. Many factors can compromise the accuracy of an altimeter. As should be taught in every First Jump Course, each skydiver is solely responsible for his or her own altitude awareness and safety on each skydive he or she makes. Many distractions can occur on a skydive; just because you are wearing an altimeter, it does not mean that you will necessarily register the information it is intended to convey. Freefall Data Systems LLC's altimeters contain a lithium polymer battery; do not use them if the case is damaged in any way. Freefall Data Systems LLC will replace any case within the warranty period free of charge (turnaround is approximately two weeks). Read and follow all instructions found for your product at freefalldatasystems.com. Failure to follow instructions could imperil you or others.

(Updated September 14, 2023)